Water and Light Features

Adding new water and lighting features can help take your inground pool to the next level.

Lighting Options for Your Inground Pool

Lighting is a great way to add value, beauty and function to your inground pool. Work with Builder's Choice to create a backyard oasis that fits your family’s unique needs and style with customizable LED lighting and other options. Our

lighting systems are state-of-the-art and will add luxury to your custom pool experience.

Different lighting options can help customize your inground pool.

With LED lighting, pool lights are placed depending on your inground pool's size and shape. Each light is specially enclosed in a safely designed underwater casing and built into the walls of your pool. The LED system is then wired to a switch for easy access and control. It can also be managed through a handheld remote or smart phone, if those features are added. When lighting your pool, you can customize these features:

  • Location

    Whether you want to highlight a specific water feature such as a waterfall or fountain, or just light the main pool, you can choose where to place the LED lights to fully customize your in-ground pool.
  • Color

    LED lights allow you to choose from a variety of colors. You can enhance the color of the water with subtle blue or green lights or choose to add bright, bold colors to highlight water features for a unique design.
  • Shows

    LED lights have various light show settings to create the perfect theme or mood for a social gathering or for quiet time in the pool.

Inground Pool Water Features Available From Builder's Choice

From waterfalls to fountains, water features can help you customize your inground pool and add peace and tranquility to your backyard pool space. Here are just a few of the water features you can add to your inground pool during a pool renovation project with Builder's Choice:

  • Laminar jets shoot up to 7’ high and 8’ into your pool with a smooth arc of water. You can even create your own nighttime show by adding pulses of fiber optic light which provides color that can travel through the stream of water. And, the jets can even be hidden in shrubs or planters for a more impressive show. Deck Box Lids are also available in different materials if you are hoping to hide the mechanics.
  • Sheer descent waterfalls, also known as water curtains or sheet falls, create a smooth ledge of water falling over the pool’s edge into the water and are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes.
  • Rock waterfalls can be adjusted to create a discreet trickle of water or a thundering river. Add planters and foliage to complete the natural look and sound of your backyard oasis.
  • Fountains are easy to install and can help you create a centerpiece for your in-ground swimming pool. Popular designs include dolphins, mermaids and more.

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