Coping and Decking

Builder's Choice offers a variety of coping and decking options to help you renovate and update your inground swimming pool.

Inground Pool Coping

Pool coping is important for several reasons. First, it covers the exposed shoulder of the shell and brings the finished pool elevation up to the top of the proposed decking. Second, pool coping prevents water from getting behind the pool shell. Finally, coping can keep your pool cool to the touch and safe for individuals - like children and grandchildren -- who may be getting in or out of the water.

But pool coping also gives your pool some decoration and comes in a variety of options to help you truly customize your backyard space.

Brick, Stone and Concrete Pool Coping

Here are the three most popular types of pool coping from Builder's Choice:

  • Bullnose brick pool coping is cost effective and easy to maintain. It's incredibly durable and easy to clean. Brick coping is particularly stylish and will provide a traditional textured edge to your pool.
  • Stone pool coping comes in a variety of different colors and textures and can withstand many different temperatures and environments. The natural stone surface makes it easy to clean while giving it a unique look and feel. Limestone, travertine, flagstone and blue-stone are some of the most popular stone coping options.
  • Cantilever concrete pool coping is popular for its customization options; it can be poured and molded into just about any shape or design. Additionally, concrete is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and very cost effective.

Decking Options for Inground Swimming Pools

Pool decking refers to the area around your swimming pool, and comes in a variety of options, including concrete. Keep in mind who will be using the pool when deciding on the best decking to surround your inground pool. For example, if you have children or grandchildren who will be regularly swimming and jumping into the pool, you may want decking that is slip-resistant and will stay cool during the hotter months of the year.

Types of Pool Decks for Inground Pools

You have a myriad of options available when it comes to choosing the right material for your pool decking. Builder's Choice will work with you to help you decide on the best decking for your backyard, budget and lifestyle.

Contact Builder's Choice to discuss coping and decking options for your backyard and pool renovation.

  • Concrete pool decking is economical and offers a number of customization options. For example, you can add color, stamp a design onto it, or even imitate the look of natural materials. Concrete also allows you to add texture to it, creating a very slip-resistant surface.
  • Paver pool decking is paving stone, tile, or brick piece of concrete that can be created into a variety of shapes and sizes. Common paving choices are stone, brick, travertine, and slate. These styles are typically very slip resistant and require little maintenance.
  • Spray decking, also known as Kool Deck, is durable and stays cools to the touch. It's highly textured and slip resistant and available in a variety of colors. It is also less prone to cracking and can be cleaned with soap and water for easy maintenance.

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